March 21, 2022

Dukes up


Having taken the time and made the effort to come to a reasoned and deliberate decision, we can get a little emotional (embarrassed, angry) if there’s any push back. And emotions can make us irrational. One reaction is to push back the push back with bluster, evasion, distraction or rank, pulling the shutters down or putting the dukes up. All of which might carry the day but will probably lose the room. And you always need the room.

Another reaction is to listen. Even if you’ve had a fulsome debate, one more go-around the room will get cards on the table, all the as-yet unsaid objections out, all the unvarnished opinions exposed.

Some of which may change your mind. Most times not. More important, everyone will know that the process was open and fair, which means you’ll keep the room.

Skippy strategy: Don’t be hasty pulling the shutters down on decisions.