March 20, 2022

What we think


You know what you know. You may not be able to pull every detail and idea out of the air on demand, or maybe articulate them as clearly and concisely as you’d like whenever you’d like. But you know.

What you don’t know, is what everybody else is thinking, or what they know, or what they’re working on or what ideas are swirling around looking for motes to coalesce around. What you don’t know is how all those everybodies and all their thoughts could combine with you and all of your thoughts – each improving the other along the way.

The game then is to gather in a shared space, with a way of keeping notes, and have the conversation. No predetermined outcomes based only on what you know – rather and one plus one plus ten aggregation and clarification. This is what we think.

Skippy strategy: Gather, and have the conversation.