April 9, 2022

Try and tweak


In the beginning, you might have a pretty good idea but you’re working on hope that you can work out the success recipe. It includes the product, the service, the suppliers, the customers, the partners and the people at every place all the time. That’s a lot of moving parts.

So you start with an idea, you try it and tweak it, you listen and learn, you try and tweak some more.

The greatest danger: imagining you’re right from the get-go and only listening to confirmations along the way. The reality: it’s always different from how you first imagined, it’s always an evolution from where you started, it’s always a process that takes you around the houses and never straight there.

So you start with and idea, and expect to build from there. To tweak, to listen, to see, to tweak again.

Skippy strategy: The recipe always benefits from evolution.