April 8, 2022

Lucky dip


For now, let’s say it’s a blank sheet of paper; you can do anything you want to do with the resources available to achieve any goal you choose. What do you do?

You could start with a list of all the things you can think of. A chock-full A-Z of a wish list crammed from top to bottom with a buffet of tactical manoeuvres that will keep you busy from now until whenever. Of course, you’d have to start somewhere, so how will you choose? A lucky-dip or pick ’n mix approach – erm, No – or some kind of prioritisation.

So it’s prioritisation … how will you do it? Biggest to smallest, smallest to biggest? Again, No. In service of a bigger agenda then.

If it’s an agenda, start there anyway – what do you want, and how will you make it happen?

Skippy strategy: Start with the objective, go from there.