July 6, 2024

Two opposing forces


Bringing new things into the world you’re likely to meet at least two opposing forces.

Old questions – assuming a decent amount of diligence, working on a thing for any length of time, you’ve probably thought of almost everything. Every objection, risk, limitation. Every benefit, downside, implementation limitation and structural issue. But someone new to the project hasn’t. They’re asking all the old questions because they genuinely want to know. They need to work their way through the landscape and your job is to help them.

Vested interests – new things, by definition, attempt to replace old things. And old things were put in place by people who were committed to them, and still have a parental or commercial or political or risk-averse affinity for them. Your job is to respect the old and get key players invested in the new.

Skippy strategy: Helpfully, respectfully, deal with opposing forces.