May 9, 2019

With flair


It’s so easy to get away with good enough. It hurdles the bar. Maybe only just. But over it sails and lands on the other side ready to get on with the next thing, and on with the next thing it gets. Just.

The problem isn’t with its good enough-ness. It’s that successes like that teach that just clearing the hurdle is ok, that success looks like a one millimetre delta, that doing the least work possible is a good day out. Which, in truth, is true – if that’s all you’re shooting for. If all you want to do is get through the day without getting fired, good enough is good enough.

Skippiness asks for more. It wants you to do better, to challenge yourself to higher goals, to clear the bar with flair, to go to bed in the knowledge of doing your best work.

Skippy strategy: Rise to it.