September 15, 2021

After they know


When someone on your team is letting the side down, it’s time to talk.

You hope that they’ll take the feedback as a learning opportunity or wake up call – either it was a surprise and, now they know, they’ll do whatever it takes to turn things around, or, it wasn’t a surprise, they were wondering if you were going to say something and, now they know you care, they’ll do whatever it takes to turn things around.

No matter what they say, and blowing the sugar from your hope, what happens next is all that counts. Either they turn things around or they don’t. Of course, it’s not binary. What you’re looking for are signs and shoots as much as actual change. Enough, at least, to stay on side.

If they’re willing, and they show that, give them another chance.

Skippy strategy: After they know, it’s what happens next that counts.