September 13, 2022

All points


The day before the relationship starts, on the first day, a month later, every quarter, every annual review and all points in between. Whether you’re working up or down the chain, with colleagues or partners, suppliers or customers … how can we work better together? 

How can your conversations be more productive, how do they deal with commitments and how can we hold each other accountable? Should I give them more feedback more often and more direct, should we meet offsite, are they an arm around the metaphorical should kinda person or do they appreciate a firmer approach?

You can treat this as a mystery to be worked-out over months and years, by induction, or you can ask the actual question – how can we work better together? – of them, with them. Working together is the speediest the way through the early waters.

Skippy strategy: How can we work better together.