July 8, 2022

Beneath the work


Neither the system, the process or the tool will ensure the end result. It’s the people.

Provide a system that works well, a process that runs all the way to a successful conclusion, and always make sure they (you) have the tools and the training for the job. That’s table stakes. You may not have them all on day one, but the ambition and the drive to get there is mandatory.

In and around the structures, the real work.

The real work of using the system, following the process and mastering the tools to deliver on the commitment.

And the work beneath the work, the work that ensures the work, the work that turns time and talent into the product or service or end state? Holding yourselves accountable. Doing the things you say you’ll do and having the courage to call yourselves out when you don’t.

Skippy strategy: Call yourselves out.