March 13, 2023

More buy-in


There’s alchemy in the air when you bring people into the room to collaborate. Every time you imagine it’s going to be a waste of effort. Then it isn’t. It isn’t because you get more than warm bodies, you get their passions and biases and perspectives, their creativity and energy and scepticism, their clarity and confusion and their thinking in public as they navigate their way out of their own head and into the collective.

The point, the ideal outcome is a better set of ideas than any of you would have managed without the others – all upside – and more buy-in than you could ever have achieved with a well constructed argument and a tub-thumping speech.

The fastest way to a coherent and cohesive view is to bring the talents into the room and have at it!

Skippy strategy: Pull together the people you need, and let them pull together.