October 17, 2018

These kinds of people


Not entitled people. Not those who words are more important than deeds. Not people who turn up late, unprepared, relying on charm and whits, who manage to get by with the minimum effort.

The kind of people you want to work with? 

The kind of people who do what they say they’re going to do, who share a base level of values that include honesty and integrity, that commit and follow through, that know how to present themselves and the things they’re talking about, who don’t was our time, who show respect for the person and for the project, who take on difficult questions and deal with difficult situations.

These kind of people, the ones you want to work with – whether colleagues, partners, suppliers or customers – expect the same of you.

Skippy strategy: When looking for partners, it doesn’t matter what they say, it matters what they do.