August 3, 2022

Who doesn’t do


It’s not like the talking has to stop.

More likely, the talking has to continue. Communications being the key to keeping everyone in the loop and on the same page. Reminding everyone what we’re doing and why, refreshing and updating them whenever the nuances shift of the direction changes. Bringing all the talents and all the teams along as a more or less cohesive whole. It takes talk. It takes communication. It takes time and attention and a strong will to keep on talking and keep on reminding and keep everyone on top of all that keeping on.

And all that while, throughout all that talking, what matters in the end is all the doing.

Talk and do and talk and do.

When you find yourself with someone who only talks and talks – who doesn’t do – move them somewhere else.

Skippy strategy: Talking never stops, but doing has to start.