November 28, 2021

Your expectations


More often than not, when the good people around you aren’t living up to your expectations, you’re at least as responsible as they are. The reason? They don’t know your expectations. You’ve been working on the assumption that they understand what you want, that they know how to achieve it and they’re smart enough to work things out on their own … after all, you did!

Hmm. Assumptions are never a good place to start, most people (including you) will struggle to work out what you want (including you) without sitting down and drafting it out long hand, knowing how isn’t the same and being able to do, and there’s no amount of smarts that can square all those circles on their own.

In other worlds, good people to do great work is something you have to work on together.

Skippy strategy: You have to let them know what you want.