March 29, 2022

Any decision


Not making the decision is like hovering – it’s worse than doing nothing, you’re using energy going nowhere. It might feel like you’re keeping your options open, being flexible, waiting for that decisive data point (and data is always useful), but what you’re really doing, whilst, you, wait, is, wasting, time, and, energy – not, only, yours, but, everyone, else’s, around, you, too.

It’s stultifying. Whilst you waver, enthusiasm and initiative and agency wobble and wither.

The alternative (you know, the decision), might be scary and might lead you down a cul de sac but very few roads won’t allow a u-turn or offer a handy exit sooner or later. It will definitely galvanise the team, add a bunch of data points you’ll find immediately useful, and might just take you to the city you’d have hoped to enter anyway.

Skippy strategy: Almost always, any decision is better than no decision.