March 30, 2022

Bubbling confusion


Where do I fit? What’s my contribution to the greater good, for this organisation and for those it serves? What is that greater good? What does a good contribution look like and how can I do it well? How do I get my work and how do I make it easier for the person who comes before me? Where does my work go and how can I make it easier for the person who comes after me?

Every person who starts in your team is thinking these thoughts. Every time you’ve joined another team or organisation, you’ve thought these thoughts. The clearer the answers and the quicker they’re made clear, the greater the impact of each person and faster that impact can be made.

The alternative, a slow, bubbling confusion, possibly punctuated with moments of clarity, possibly not.

Skippy strategy: Make it clear, draw pictures, talk about hand-offs and contributions.