September 8, 2022

Breaking step


There is always indifference. There is always intransigence. There is always resistance, passive-aggressive or otherwise. There are always counter-indications. There are always opinions swinging in the wind. There are always vested interests. There is always the comfort of the status quo, dealing with known incumbents and overcoming administrative inertia.

There are always the leap before you look Geronimo types, up for anything, breaking down walls, willing to play every and any hunch.

There are always cul de sacs, arguments, disagreements and ah-ha moments.

Through it all there is decision making.

That’s the job. Taking on the fork in the road, breaking step for a moment, and moving forward on the balance of your internal compass – not if the face of evidence or argument, but with its benefit – learning from and bending around obstacles as you go.

Skippy strategy: Eyes up, see what’s ahead, make decisions, keep moving forward.