September 7, 2022

Camp fire


Everyone struggles in a new role. Well, they may thrive, they may love the challenge, the may jump on that learning curve and ride it like a rollercoaster (trusting and out of control) … but they’re still struggling. What is the role, where are the boundaries, where do I find coffee, lunch, friends, who can I trust, who can I rely on, what are the handovers, who’s relying on me, how much communication should I expect, how much should I give, what’s first, what’s next?

If you’re new into a role, ask questions out loud. Don’t suffer and work it out over weeks and months. Fast track it by exposing your process.

If you’ve put someone into a new role, get them to ask their questions out loud.

If you’re beside someone in a new role, share stories around the camp fire.

Skippy strategy: Fast track the way to settling in.