September 6, 2022

Nodding along


Most times, nodding along on commitments means we’ve failed right at the starting gates.

Any commitment is a promise to do some specific thing – but the subtext is that there’s enough time, prioritisation and capability to get it done.

Time is dependent on other commitments and a realistic amount of distraction and down time. Do you have enough?

Prioritisation is about saying No to other things, meaningful or trivial, when the going gets tough or the distractions become compelling. How much room do you have?

Capability means the chops to get it done, or knowing someone who does (and who has the time and prioritisation to get behind the commitment). Can you do it?

Don’t let youself of anyone else nod along to in commitment. Talk about each of the starting gates: schedule, competing priorities and available chops.

Skippy strategy: Ask yourself, ask them, to talk though the starting gates.