September 5, 2022

Everyone wants to know


Everybody, everybody, EVERYBODY complains about lack of communications.

Inside the team, it’s easy to imagine that everybody knows what’s going on. They don’t. Between teams, it’s easy to assume that someone else is keeping everyone inside the loop. They aren’t. Outside the team – like with suppliers and partners and customer – it’s usual to tell them nothing until you have something definitive. That’s wrong headed.

Everyone, everyone, EVERYONE wants to know more about what’s happening behind the curtain. And even if they don’t seem to care when things are on track, they certainly do care when things are off track.

You too.

When things are wobbling, you want to know. If there’s a risk, you want to run contingencies. If it’s looking good, you can coordinate your timing.

Good or bad, you want to know. And if you want to know, so do they.

Skippy strategy: Tell them how it’s going.