September 4, 2022

Why wait?


Life is a little frustrating. Whatever we want to do there’s always something in the way of doing it.

Either the technology isn’t ready or the regulations are in the way or the customer won’t make a decision or the sales team are up to their eyes or the production is snafu’d by logistics or nobody has picked up the ball or creativity isn’t sparking or, or, or … and so you wait for the clock to tick and something to happen.



The problem with waiting is that it becomes normal, accepted, ordinary. Which means  sloooooow becomes ok. But it isn’t.

So why wait?

Get involved, pick up a spade, manage the project, set the clock, add some energy, push the suppliers, do whatever it takes to move one step further. Then do whatever it takes to move another.

The point … do something about it.

Skippy strategy: Stop waiting.