February 18, 2022

Change course


Every now and again, at exactly the wrong time, you’re presented with an opportunity that on another day you’d put in the middle of your path. But what about on this day? Should you change course, reprioritise resources and choose a new horizon, or – having flirted with the idea for a day or three – stay on track and carry on carrying on with what you were doing before?

Part of the answer is about that developing a bias for finishing what you started, part is about the time or distraction it will take and whether it’s a small thing for you or a bigger thing for the wider team. Naturally, we tend to say yes to smaller personal things and think harder about larger team-bending things

Skippy strategy: In general, be skeptical about time-pressured left-field decision-making. If you weren’t thinking about it yesterday, no real need to change the world today.