February 19, 2022

Who is it?


Somebody has to be responsible. Not in the sense of somebody to take the heat when things go wrong, but more as the person who’s driving things forward and is custodian of the vision.

(Sure, things go wrong, and when they do they’re as much a learning opportunity as anything else – how could we plan better, what didn’t we see, where did we stray from the path, what are the patterns we should look out for next time, what should we do different.)

In the mean time, responsibility is the motivating force to push, to get things done, to deliver against the agenda. Yes, it’s a team effort, and yes, teams take responsibility for their efforts, and yes, there still needs to be one person who makes the tough calls and holds everyone together when things get sticky.

Skippy strategy: Somebody, not everyone, has to be responsible. Who is it?