February 20, 2022

Bobbing in the wind


Sometimes they’re waiting for a clear decision on a go/no-go decision. All the time it’s a maybe is all the time they’re bobbing in the wind. Nothing moves until everything moves. Everyone’s waiting and everyone knows they’re waiting. Not optimal, but at least the lack of a decision is clear and they wait together.

Sometimes though, they’re just confused by mixed messages, not knowing whether they can or can’t or even who to ask. Sometimes, when they do ask, they just get blank stares because it’s not only them that’s in the dark, everyone else is too. There’s no decision because no one knows who could make the decision, probably not even a way of making a decision even if the right people found themselves in a room. 

Skippy strategy: For things to move at any pace at all, make responsibilities clear and let everyone in on the secret.