May 26, 2022

Perfect decisions

Frog lamp

Wouldn’t it be lovely if every decision, by the time we took it, was without risk. That we could measure every variable, weigh every possibility, assess every line of play and choose the now-certain path in certain knowledge that our choice wasn’t only wise, but correct.

So that’s not happening.

The reality is full of unknown variables, unseen possibility, unimagined futures, uncertain paths – and untold potential for good outcomes and bad.

How then to make the decision? Just do. You look at as much of the ground as you can see in as much detail as you can stand and then make your choice knowing that it won’t be absolutely right, or absolutely wrong, and that you’ll learn something (if you pay attention) along the way – knowing also that even cul de sacs have at least one route out.

Skippy strategy: Don’t wait for perfect decisions but make decisions anyway.