May 25, 2022

Good relationships


Who haven’t you talked to in a while?

You’re busy, dealing with the day to day, fighting the good fight, pushing rocks up slopes. It never ends. And whilst you’re at it, the world continues to turn and all those people you share it with get on with their own busyness. And then three months, six months goes by and you haven’t managed to have even five non-transactional minutes with someone on your team – or a key customer or supplier, or the partner you rely on implicitly.

Take the time. Make the call. Arrange the lunch. Walk on the beach. Put the world to rights. Share a doughnut. Do the kind of things you do to build and cement a relationship. Not because that’s the task of the day, but because relationships are good, and good relationships are better.

Skippy strategy: Lunch – not because you should but because it’s good.