May 24, 2022

After the hire


At least a month after the hire but certainly no more than two … how’s it going?

We’ll get to your perspective but for now, from theirs? However you manage it, arrange to spend some quality time together – an off site lunch is perfect, twenty minutes on Zoom is not; the conversation needs time to breathe and maybe a distraction or two for punctuation.

How have they found it, who has intrigued them, delighted them, disappointed them? What was the biggest surprise? What do they see that seems to make no sense? What was their best and worst days so far, and why? In other words, get them talking and see where you can help them go faster.

After theirs, what’s your perspective? How are they doing, what are their colleagues saying about them, what’s good and not so good? Explain mysteries. Be candid.

Skippy strategy: They can teach you.