May 23, 2022

A hope plan


It was a brilliant idea. Enthusiastic nods around the room as soon as it was raised, twenty seconds of thought – no brainer – and then on with the rest of the day. Brilliant. Idea. No. Action. No one stopped to ask the how or the who. Nobody considered the when. And another brilliant idea gets left on the beach as we pack up and get ready for home.

Good Idas, bad ideas, any idea is nothing more than an electric impulse or two until you do something about it (other than hope). It’s not called a hope plan, it’s an action plan.

This person will do this thing by this time.

Take that twenty seconds of agreement, add two more minutes to put someone on point (you?) and agree a deadline for their return (next time?), and then move on.

Next time, all about action.

Skippy strategy: Don’t trust to hope.