May 22, 2022

A long list


What’s on your team’s list? What are they working on, what projects, what side hustles, what’s for customers and what’s for them? My guess … you have no idea. Ok, you might have some idea, but you have no clue about the majority, and if you’re honest with the mirror, you probably have only a partial view of what’s on your own list.

List it out. You? Sure. Your team? Absolutely. Everything. Every project, every commitment, every kinda-sort, everything they’re working on and everything they think they should be.

It’s a long list.

Now the reality check. What’s really important, what mostly important, and what fits below the line (to be ignored)? What could you shelve without anyone noticing? What can you drop? What progress would you make on the important if you stopped working on the not.

Do a health check, then cut.

Skippy strategy: Work out what to cut.