May 21, 2022

A difference


So much of the time it’s the day-to-day, keeping on top of things so they’re not on top of you. Breathing in, breathing out, meetings, emails, adding up, nibbling along, getting through the project. When so much time becomes all the time, you’re not doing much more than keeping the lights on.

Yes you have to do the every day, yes you have to keep on top of things, yes those meeting are important.

But what are you doing to move the stick? What are you doing, what did you do this week, to change something you want to change, to leave things in a noticeably improved or advanced position than they were before? What are you doing that will make you smile when you think about it in six weeks, six months, six years?

Skippy strategy: What are you doing to make a difference you’re proud to make?