May 20, 2022




You’ve been working on it for hours/days/months, it took focus and attention, you poured all your efforts into it and now it’s done – release candidate shipped, presentation given, customer signed, milestone passed.

The missing final act it to tell the people who need to know. Except … another email, another call, another project. Breathe in, breathe out, another day.

Who isn’t in the loop but should be? How will they find out? Will the communications fall down at moment one, relying on maybe-maybe for people to learn on the grapevine? They’ll wander about in the dark until, one day, eventually, they’ll find out and their reaction will be, What! Three weeks ago! Wha’!

The grapevine isn’t as efficient as you’d like, especially for the thing you just finished.

Not everyone is in the loop. Don’t abandon the final act, share the news. 

Skippy strategy: Who needs to know?