May 19, 2022

Keen-eyed progress


Wouldn’t it be lovely if we never put a foot wrong. If we started knowing where we were going, if the routing was clear and the path held no bumps. It doesn’t work that way. We always make mistakes, we always trip up and make pratfalls, we always find ourselves a little bit lost or little down a cul de sac. Understood.

If it isn’t possible to do everything right, we should focus then on doing things the right way. Looking forward, clearing a path, treading purposefully, packing provisions, using equipment we understand and know is well maintained, checking the compass and referencing the map, looking for sign, assessing and discussing between us, staying present, making active choices.

Nobody expects a faultless project. Pay attention and work together on the problems as you meet them.

Skippy strategy: No need for kings of process, it’s about all of us making keen-eyed progress.