May 27, 2022

Run around

Race cars

If there’s a secret, (is it a secret?), if there is a secret, it is to iterate. To go around again. To do it once and then, starting over, do it better.

So the secret may be that, if you expect to iterate, the most important next step is to take the actual step – to chalk one on the board, so you can start (or continue) the process of iteration. Get going, run around the race track, realise you’ve back where your’e started, and go again. Every loop, perform a little better, learn a little more, add some polish, take some understanding. And again.

So the other side of the secret, given that it’s about iteration, is not to worry too much about where you start. Accept you don’t know what you want to know, start anyway, and learn-along.

Skippy strategy: Start as soon as you can, learn as you go.