May 29, 2022

On a paddle-steamer


The project is important, the team is important, strengthening the team so it can deliver projects is important. How can you help? No, I mean, how can you actually help? What can you do that will help them grow as a team and help deliver a successful project?

One thing you can’t do – take over.

So what can you do? Ask them.

If something is stuck, oil the wheels, if it’s politics, clear the blocker, if they need funding, find some, it they need you on a paddle-steamer, pack your bag.

The big deal, show them how important the project is, show them how important they are, show them how to deal with obstacles. Don’t just tell them. 

Show them you’re committed to them, that you’re part of their team, that you’re prepared to take baby steps. And so will they.

Skippy strategy: To unstick the project, do what they ask.