May 30, 2022

That other stuff


In the middle of everything else – sandwiched between the emails and the meetings and the conferences and glad-handing and offsites and customer visits and bureaucracy and report writing – is a certain kind of work that matters. Not that the rest of it doesn’t matter, but the purpose is different. All that other stuff is organisational, and we need organisational; it’s all that separates us from chaos, misery and missed deadlines.

No, the certain kind that matters here, in the middle, that makes sense of the rest of it, is the work that develops the product, that creates the value and brings it to the customer.

And the point … don’t let the rest of it get in the way. Don’t let the meetings overwhelm the creativity, focus and relationships that create and deliver the value.

Protect that work.

Skippy strategy: Don’t overwhelm value creation and delivery with an organisational burden.