January 25, 2022

Some things and not others


There’s an argument for keeping everyone happy. For supporting their individual agendas, providing whatever funding or whichever people are necessary, for giving air time and attention to all things with the same weight. To nudge, everything.

And with unlimited resources, maybe that’s possible. Except it’s not. Except you don’t need to keep everyone happy, and they don’t even need to be kept happy. They want to be happy, and happiness comes from doing meaningful things well. Nudging things won’t do them well, probably won’t do them at all.

The actual argument should be about supporting some things and not others. About making choices. About placing your time and resources on the bets that make most sense and take you towards agreed, collective, goals.

The aim isn’t to keep individuals happy. It’s to make collective choices and keep moving forward.

Skippy strategy: Work out together what you want together, then do that.