January 26, 2022

This lemon


Not everything is plain sailing. Not every project goes the way you want. And not every action is exactly what you’d want, or even expect. And we’re not talking about your team here, we’re talking about the person in the mirror.

When things go wrong, of course you do whatever it takes to fix them. The question here isn’t what you do next, it’s how you do it –  with a rant and a rave, dodging to pass the blame,  or with a steady nerve and the desire to learn for next time and apply the lessons. And not just desire. The calm behaviours that encourage everyone to squeeze this lemon for juice without fear of catching it in their eye.

What you do today – how you deal with adversity, whether you shift blame or learn lessons – is what your team will do tomorrow.

Skippy strategy: Model the behaviours you want.