January 27, 2022

Know how


Sometimes, the obvious answer is the right answer. Like when – after repeated attempts to reorganise the work, add project management, give encouragement, add some cajoling, upping the oversight, introducing scorecards and metrics – you realise the reason this team isn’t doing the job you need them to do, is because they don’t know how.

What they need is training. What they then need is to understand exactly where their pieces of the jigsaw thing fits into the bigger puzzle of creating value around here. What they need are they tools for the job – physical and intellectual.

You can look for all the tangential issues you like – and you’ll probably find plenty – but sorting everything else will only help a good team perform better. And the job right now is to get them to perform at all. Start with, Do they know how?

Skippy strategy: Do they know how to do it right?