January 28, 2022

The current curve


There’s the way you do things now. You all know what you’re doing, you seem to get reasonably predictable results – for better or worse – and you’re pretty clear about the upsides and downsides of how it all hangs together. Not optimal, but serviceable.

So how about doing it a new way? A way that promises results above the current curve. First there’s the vision and enthusiasm, (admittedly, particularly with anyone who doesn’t actually do the work). Then – a day, a week, a month into the change – increasing push back. The new ways doesn’t come easy, probably has to sit alongside (and therefore doubles efforts on) the old way, and everything takes longer as there’s a learning curve that bends even the current curve the wrong way.

If serviceable was good enough you wouldn’t have started. Remember and remind yourselves of the vision.

Skippy strategy: Push back on the push back.