October 12, 2022

Who’s agenda


It’s worth remembering that everyone has their own agenda. Even as they sit at the table to consider your carefully constructed A-E, they have their own F-J and K-P. They walk in the room with their biases, their preconceived opinions, their hidden motives and their vested interests. None of which are necessarily bad or malevolent – all of which may be worth considering, understanding, acknowledging, challenging.

Follow the incentives. Ask the why questions. Look at connections.

Most times, what you find are folk who are genuinely on the team, hoping to push things forward and move the stick. Some times, you find someone else’s P&L lurking in the shadows, someone else’s metrics.

Examine the agenda, have the discussion, engage fully – then make sure the decisions are take by those who care most about positive outcomes for you and your team.

Skippy strategy: Work out who’s agenda your talking to?