July 19, 2019

Chivvying along


Five minutes after the meeting, people are straying from the path. What seemed clear and obvious and agreed and straightforward gets battered about by the daily reality of living in the actual world and dealing with its ability to throw curve balls wrapped in emails and customers and competing priorities and inattention and assumptions and taking progress and people for granted.

Nothing is down hill all the way. Every step is less secure than it seemed and a little longer than you thought.

Which doesn’t mean accepting stretched deadlines, missed commitments and under delivery. It means, as the project manager, get used to checking in and chivvying along. It means reminding people what they signed up to, checking off the metrics and reminding everyone in the loop about where they fit and why they matter.

Skippy strategy: Running projects is about oiling the wheels and pointing out every revolution along the way.