December 26, 2018



When you’re not sure whether to turn left of right, you hesitate, maybe look for help and ask questions, then make a decision and commit. If the choice was good, you carry on. If the choice was bad, you carry on anyway or turn around and sort out the problem.

But what if there are eleven choices? What if you can’t decide whether to enter this market or that with this product or the other service? If you’re extremely-extremely lucky you put up a website … and the market decides. If you aren’t so blessed, you put up a fishing site … and crickets.

You have to make a choice. You have to work out which is your best chance, your top choice, your preferred option – whatever criteria you decide – and go for it. 

Then focus, shape, target, define, customise for that choice.

Skippy strategy: Make your choices, and commit.