April 10, 2021

Improve the model

Weather Vane

We’re full to overflowing with mental models of how the world works. Little maps we use to explain what just happened and predict what might happen next. How customers think, how teams work, our place in the world, what motivates our suppliers, the value of x, the provision of y. We use them to navigate and for short cuts to decision making. 

Then, now and again, something comes along that doesn’t quite fit. What then?

If we’re politicians, we probably ignore or lie (maybe to ourselves and definitely to others) about its importance. We push it aside, spread fear, uncertainty and doubt, and generally get on with our lives as if nothing happened.

If we’re smart, we put the new evidence in the middle of the table and work out what it means and how it changes the model. Then we improve the model.

Skippy strategy: Work with the improved model.