February 14, 2024

Looking at you looking at it


So much to do.

So very much.

Backing up.

Stacking up.

Another day, another mess of inbox and (urgent, shouting, crisis) firefights. What about the things you don’t need to do but want to do? Five minute things, one hour things, a two hour chunk of a ten hour thing. Things that no one’s waiting for but everyone’s effective by.

That backlog – the important non-urgent backlog. Sitting there, looking at you. Looking at you looking at it. Overwhelming. Too much to do.

It’s impossible to start at the top and work your way through the backlog. (No one has that much time.)

One thing you could do though … start anyway.

No expectations.

No grand plans and sacrifice.

No escape from the day to day. Just, for now, in this little gap, pick up something important and move it forward.

Skippy strategy: One thing, and then the next thing.