March 6, 2021

Make if finished


Sometimes, we work hard on something, something important, and it doesn’t come easy, that it can be tempting, oh so very tempting, to be happy when it gets to a stage that’s just about ok. Not great, not perfect, not good really, not something you’d call home about, but ok. Satisfactory maybe. Tolerable even. Alright-ish. It. Will. Do.

Except it won’t.

Alright isn’t alright. Not for something important. Not for something that you thought was important enough to work hard on. Tolerable doesn’t cut it.

The definition you need is, finished.

If that means working a little harder for a little longer, if that means giving yourself a harder time, if that means waking a little earlier or sacrificing an indulgence so you have the time and energy to put some colour into it, that’s the work.

Skippy strategy: Ok isn’t ok, alright isn’t alright. Aim to make it finished.