February 26, 2021

Place to look


If the only problem is you haven’t got enough capacity in your team, get more capacity. If the only problem is a lack of a certain kind of expertise, find someone with that kind of expertise. If the only problem is a lack of equipment, find a way to access that equipment.

If things aren’t going how you planned though, it’s likely that your problem isn’t as simple as a single issue fix. More likely, you’re not all agreed on the objective or the route of travel and everyone’s heading in perfectly reasonable and perfectly well intentioned but perfectly misaligned directions.

So it’s not capacity, it’s wasted capacity. It’s not a missing expert, it’s a lack of agreement. It’s not a lack of equipment, it’s using what you have in a way that doesn’t take you forward.

Skippy strategy: The first place to look, always and forever, the mirror.