May 15, 2022

Steady the eddy


We all get wrapped up and tripped up by urgency.

When something’s pressing, when it demands attention, when it’s important enough to force its way to the top of the list, we jump on it and everyone’s glad to see it. We pull the talents to the table, shine the light, solve the issue and push everything back to business as usual. Phew!

The problem comes when we let lesser urgencies into the fray, when urgent is confused with unimportant, when shouting loud or asking last is allowed to look and sound like something that matters and purposeful progress gets waylaid by an focus du jour. Grrr!

Don’t jump on every email. Don’t swing your weathervane with every eddy that blows across your desk. Take a minute. Look to the horizon and steady the eddies of urgency.

Skippy strategy: When you jump on something urgent, make sure it’s important too.