May 14, 2022

Have you ever


Have you ever, (ever!), ever walked into a meeting thinking you knew exactly what you thought about a subject, and left with exactly the same information and opinion at the end? Have you ever, (ever!), ever tried to do something difficult and found the doing was exactly as you imagined it before the start? Have you ever, (ever!), ever arrived at the end of a project with exactly what you wanted (or not) having followed a process where every planned Tab A fitted snugly and immediately into every Slot B you pushed into its path.

Nothing, (nothing!), nothing works out exactly as you imagine at the start.

The recipe for successful projects: an open mind, an expectation of issues, an openness to ideas and help wherever and whenever they come, and meeting with the world as you find it.

Skippy strategy: The number one ingredient is an open mind.