May 13, 2022

Improve the thinking


Who wants less buy in? Who wants to push water up hill? Who wants to fight against change skeptics? Who wants their life to be harder and have their every word questioned as soon as they’ve left the room? Who wants to pushed two steps back for every two steps forward?

Nobody? No one? Thought not. Yet we set ourselves up for this every day by pushing forward with engaging the room.

If you want change and you want help achieving it, it’s a four-step. Tell them what you’re thinking about the thing. Tell them about your plan (if you even have one). Ask them to improve the thinking? Ask them to improve the plan?

Chances are, you missed something in your shower-based analysis and a few more brains will fill the gap. Changes also are, everyone will buy in more by the end – including you.

Skippy strategy: Share in thinking.