May 16, 2022

Culture of tweaking


You work on the fly. You have to. There’s always something new on the to do list, every day, new pressures and requirements and commitments that can’t be postponed. It’s the life you chose. You handle it, of course. You’re used to it and you’re reasonably good at managing all those other spinning things as you perform your loop-the-loops and barrel-rolls.

Thing is, it creates a culture of tweaking. Where everyone sees how you do things, and they think that’s the way to be. On the fly, tweak, spinning, tweak, dodge, move.

Which might be necessary (good) for you (really, probably not) but is lethal when the value is supposed to be reliable delivery, consistency, performance promised and realised.

Skippy strategy: One of the constants then, even whilst you perform your acrobatics, is to show you care (with accountability) about progress towards an agreed point on the horizon.