May 17, 2022

Better the tools


It’s possible that if you could put your hand on exactly the right tool, everything would be better. The lines would be straighter, the curves more even, the joints would line up just so. The project would be clearer and delivered on time, we’d understand our costs and where we have capacity, our code would be cleaner, our bookkeeping smarter, our overview would be truly holistic.

Maybe. Maybe it’s the tool.

More likely and certainly most often, investing in a new tool means another tool you don’t use effectively with an added slice of distraction for flavour.

Better tools are always good but the tool won’t save you, the tool won’t manage for you, the tool is not the silver bullet.

The quickest gains aren’t from better tools (used badly) but from using better the tools you already have.

Skippy strategy: Stop blaming the tools, and start using them better.